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Memoir Workshops

Writing The Stories of Your Life

Through a combination of informal lectures, discussion, in-class writing exercises and weekly assignments, you will be encouraged to uncover the wonderful stories hidden within your life experience.  Assignments are designed to trigger memories, providing a record of people, places, events and emotions that might otherwise be lost. Studies show that writing slows you down, clarifies emotions, dispels demons…and heals.  The process can take you from self-expression to self-discovery.  Join author, editor, and 16-time Long Island Press Club award winning columnist Marcia Byalick, in exploring the times of your life.





A glance at the number of memoirs included on this week’s best seller marks us as the “look at me” generation, a bunch of self-absorbed, egotistical narcissist’s hell bent on being the center of attention. As the leader for the past fifteen years of creative non-fiction writing workshops where dozens of men and woman have accepted the challenge of becoming hyper conscious about the lives they’ve led, I’m here to say that has not been my experience…at all. 



















They say everyone has it in him to write a book; the difference is those who actually put the black on white, continue to write when they don’t feel like it, way past the time it’s easy. Ranging in age from 50 to 93, “my” brave souls decided instead of bungee jumping, they’d dive into the frozen lake of their memories. 

Writing how we felt about what happened to us along the way was sort of a preemptive strike to control how we’d be remembered by future generations. What a gift it is to hand down the story of how you met the love of your life, how you stood up to the meanest kid in the neighborhood, what you ate on Tuesday nights in elementary school. What great lessons our lives have to teach about handling tough times, overcoming obstacles and surviving mistakes. About the indescribable rewards of appreciating, loving and forgiveness. 

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